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Ketamine Injection Therapy


Things to Note:

Necessary to obtain at the following from the client prior to admission:

Full mental health history, goals, intentions, safety for exposure

Cost includes the following:

90 minute session with a highly trained, specialized, and certified team of medical & mental health professionals

Payment options:


Health Savings

Credit Card



*Sliding Fee

Steps for Ketamine Therapy

Before Ketamine Therapy

Mental Health Intake (one session)  $300/session

Medical Intake (one session)  $300/session

Therapy Sessions (1-3 sessions)  $200/session

Ketamine Therapy

Medicine Sessions:  

Intermuscular, 60-90 minutes 

No. of sessions varies for each patient 

$600/session for a single patient

(one-on-one administration)

$500/session for 2 or more people

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