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Meet Our Therapists...

Hello!  My name is Debra Nelson, MA LFMT.  I am the owner of this orgranization, also a Marriage and Family Therapist, Evaluator, Educator and Mediator.  I have 30 years experience in parenting, relationship development, family court system, ministry and working in the community in different therapeutic roles.   Integrity, compassion and knowledge are essential components which are offered to everyone that we serve.   Personal and community health is our focus!    You can expect customized care and follow-through. 


Let us help you explore ways to increase your energy, motivation, libido, control over your sleep, eating habits, self-esteem, relationships, career, lifestyle and stress.  You can expect to learn new skills, increase your hope and peace, gain supportive care and take steps towards the happiness you desire.  I offer many different alternatives to therapy including art, play, pet, cognitive, mindfulness, relaxation, biofeedback, accountability, behavioral, dialectical, relational, positive psychology, spiritual, educational, integrative and holistic with a focus on balancing your BODY-SOUL-SPIRIT  Let me know if I can help you or your loved one.


Debra Nelson, MA LMFT


Emily obtained her Master's in Mental Health Counseling in 2016 and works as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She has an understanding and experience in working with various mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment and mood disorders. 

Emily takes a person-centered approached in working with individuals to empower and motivate each person as they focus on goals they have created themselves to fulfill their own potential. Therapy is provided in a comfortable, safe and non-judgmental atmosphere that allows individuals to let their guards down, unpack their pain and struggles and create a plan to move forward. 

Emily Krantz,   LPCC
Gary's picture.jpg

Dr. Gary is a Licensed Chiropractor, and Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Educator and Supervisor.  He is able to, advise and counsel on health,  supplements, special diets, nutritional guidance, weight loss, stress reduction, mental health and on the basic matters of how food and nutrition affects ones health.

Dr. Gary Johnson, DC DCBCN 
Nutritional Consultant
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