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Welcome!  I'm happy you are here!  Obviously, your child means the world to you and it hurts when they are unhappy.   Everyone in the family feels the pain when a child suffers.  A child doesn't know what is "normal" so their emotions and behaviors show us where they are at.


Today, parenting is challenging enough and even more so when your child is miserable, acting out or withdrawn.  As intimidating as it may feel, it's important to seek help from a counselor when you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to help your child's circumstances change.  Childhood and Adolescent stages are radical and critical times to harness their developmental energies.  We can offer you multidisciplinary options towards support and healing.  Your child(ren) is living a more demanding lifestyle than those of previous generations.   They need our help and modeling to reach a new balance.


Old proverbs have stated it best...


                                        "In the multitude of counsel there is wisdom."  


Another says, "It takes a whole village to raise a child."


As a Mother (35 years) and a Grandmother (of 11 years), I know the feeling and intensity that an unhappy child expresses and the pain in a parent's heart.  Through years of educational training and experience, I am able to offer a very real and genuine approach.   I teach skills, awareness, relationship importance, boundaries, trust, creativity, and a mind-body-spririt approach to finding the path to your child's wellness and optimal life.   We offer will find a safe and comforting approach that supports you, your child and family.


Ways That We Can Help


ADHD/ADD * Drug and Alcohol Abuse * Anger Management * Spectrum Syndrome * Behavioral Issues * Impulsivity * Fears * Separation Anxiety *Depression * Domestic Abuse Exposure * Emotional Disturbance * Family Conflict * Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD) * Parent-Child Relationship Struggles * Death or Absence of a Parent * Self-Harming * Sexual Abuse * Sleep or Insomnia * Suicidal Ideation * Testing and Evaluation * Traumatic Brain Injury * Weight Loss * Academic Underachievement * Adoption * Anxiety * Bipolar Disorder * Chronic Pain or Illness * Communication Skills * Developmental Disorders *Relationship Skill Building * Dual Diagnosis * Grief * Homeschooling * Obesity  *Oppositional Defiance * Peer Relationships           * Self Esteem * Sexual Development * Spiritual Development * Teen Violence * Trauma and PTSD * Video Game Addiction * Health *Allergies  * Bullying  * Losses * Trichotelimania *Suicide  *Legal Troubles


Therapy for Children is Child Centered


* Skill Development and Accountability

* Community Collaboration

* Art Therapy Techniques

* Play Therapy

* Pet Assisted Therapy (Non-Allergenic Dogs Teddy and Sassy)

* Nutritional and Lifestyle Support DIrectiives

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

* Biofeedback Services by referral

* Collaborative Healing

* Parent-Child Relationship Healing

Early Screening for Autism Makes a Lifetime of Difference for YOUR CHILD 



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